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Is your logo or brand effective, or is it just taking up space? Many business owners do not place enough value in crafting a high-quality logo  for their business. Logo design is a critical marketing touch point and is especially important for small businesses that are working to establish name and brand recognition. The smaller your business, the more memorable your logo design should be!

Yes, you can have your cousins uncles brother design you something in word, but do you think that it will properly encompass you and your brand?

At Lexington Signs & Graphics, we understand and design logos and brands that are an extension of your corporate identity that will stand out from competitors. Then, we help you develop a consistent brand presence by implementing that logo design across vehicle graphics, signs, awnings, stationery, apparel, and more. Our experience goes back to before computer days—when everything we did was hand-drawn. While design tools have changed the way we create, we continue to build client relationships rooted in trust. We take your logo as personally as you do because our success hinges on yours.

It is a great honor to have some of our logo designs featured on a prominent font website, take a look here for the full site or “Harvest Moon” and “The Birds Nest” to see our designs.

Differentiate your business with logo design that is clear, impactful, and unique. View our gallery of past work, or contact us today. To request a branding consultation, speak to our logo artists, or inquire about implementing your existing brand across marketing materials, call (781) 229-6449 or fill out our brief online form. We’ll be in touch promptly!

Logo Design Portfolio

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