Gracie’s Kitchen

Paul, the owner of Gracie’s Kitchen came to us with an idea and a vision of what he wanted.  All we had to do was taste their food and the logo design was easy as pie-No pun intended! Everything they make is from scratch and with a whole lot of love! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

As with many of our clients, the logo was needed not only for print materials but also and predominately signage.  We really wanted to make the logo design personal and to accurately represent just how awesome they are. He had been through a few designers by the time they found us and was a bit burnt out with the process. We asked him to trust us and he couldn’t be happier with final result.   We went on to make a dimensional sign and partial van wrap with the new logo.

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Lexsigns Got it Rite!

Paul Norris
Gracies Kitchen
Waltham, MA