Heal Your PC

When we initially met Bob, who does our computer repairs, he asked us about redoing the wrap on his van. We explained our philosophy regarding wraps and shared our thought that his existing wrap was very busy, hard to read, and—in our opinion—not earning the most bang for his advertising buck.

Successful wraps should be clear, and customers should be able to determine easily what the business is, what they do, and how to contact them. Bob wanted to keep his existing mascot, so we worked with it to redesign the wrap.

The first hour after he had picked up the van with the new and improved wrap, he was stopped in a parking lot for his business card!


“Several months ago I approached one of my clients, Raychel of Lexington Signs and Graphics, about creating a new design for my commercial van. I am in the computer service business and the old one (5+ years) was looking dated and was never very clear or crisp to the public. Raychel sat down with me and went over five different drafts with various colors. She made it a point to emphasize what kind of theme I wanted to project for my business.

She sent me drafts and asked me to select two finalists to work with for the next day. I selected two designs but changed all of the color schemes she had had proposed. She was very patient and accommodating with my requests, and after many more drafts, she produced a final design with the exact colors and theme that I had decided upon.

Once the design was finalized, she and her team went to work on the van and had it completely transformed in 48 hours! When I arrived to pick it up, I did not recognize it at first but knew that she had created a ‘winner’ for my business.

I have received numerous compliments from clients and friends, but most important were my technicians’ reaction to the new design. They revealed to me that they were “embarrassed” to use the van with my old design and had nothing but praise for the new one. A couple even complimented me on the purchase of my new vehicle for the business and their preference to drive this one instead of my “old” van. The graphics and colors on the vehicle are so crisp and clear that I often received phone calls for service while traveling on the highway.

I would highly recommend Raychel and her team for their patience, professionalism and efficiency when you want to transform your commercial vehicle.”

Robert Healey
Heal Your PC
Burlington, MA