cost of business sign

What does a business sign cost

What’s does a business sign cost?

A question we get frequently. The question should really be- what is a sign worth to your business?

Having a well designed business sign can make or break a business. However, NOT all signs are created equal, not by a long shot! the best bang for your advertising buck is kick ass eye catching signage or vehicle graphics (not to mention the brand recognition) a poorly designed sign can be a waste of money or do more harm than good. 

Even the SBA knows the value of a sign. You can read about it here

 When you need a business sign

 Until you need a sign for your truck or business it’s not something you pay attention to everyday (once you are in need you’ll be obsessed with looking at signs like we are!) 

So.. What’s a well designed business sign you ask?

Let’s take a look. As they say a pic is worth a thousand words. 

Plus it’s easier to show you. 

his is one of the most obvious examples I have ever seen ( our friends in Colorado at House of Signs made this amazing sign that made me drool) if you want to see some of the best signs in the country check out their site

example poor designed business sign

BEFORE unmemorable design

business sign

Killer Design and sign AFTER

See the difference? The before business sign is a run of the mill generic design. There’s nothing “wrong” as far as legibility or colors go. It’s what we refer to as UN memorable. look at the after- that sign says WOW! ( I said holy S”@! ) It makes me get a feel right away what this biz is all about. Nostalgic, old fashioned, experienced, trustworthy and home made. 

THAT is a sign anyone would remember. It has the memorable factor!

What does it say to you? 

Can you see the difference in the 2? Where would you want to eat? Even if this sign were not dimensional ( it does add a ton of interest  and class) the design alone is miles above the old sign.  Even though the price tag of the improved sign is much more, think of the added business sales that pay for that new sign over and over again. For years to come!

What is your business signage saying about your business? 

It is not just exterior business signage either.

While you look at the before and after of this vehicle, you can see the same applies for any signage. Aside from the cool wrench on the top of the old van, the signage looks somewhat unprofessional. The newly designed logo and wrap design more accurately represents the great professional business that they really are.

Whether it be window graphics, interior signs, vinyl truck wraps or truck lettering. Design is everything! Make sure you spend your advertising budget wisely and get the most bang for your buck with signage that is designed to sell!before and after vehicle graphics massahusetts

 So what is the cost of a sign?

Again, what is the cost of having an ineffective business sign? The cost of a really nice memorable sign is worth its weight in gold! (and then some)

We love designing business signs

Really it’s about your business- not us. It just so happens that we LOVE what we do. Helping people succeed is the biggest reward of all. So to toot our horn-We have spent a combined 5 decades designing and perfecting business sign design to help businesses just like yours. It’s our passion to help you succeed. Give us a chance to show you what we can do. See more of our work here.

We are here to help, drop us an email or give us a call so you can show the world just how awesome and memorable your business is!