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Sign Painting Pinstriping Good ole’ Hand Lettering

Sign painting, Pinstriping  & Good ole’ hand lettering!

Today felt like the good ole’ days, I was a sign painter and hand lettering!

I got to do something I haven’t done in a really long time. I got to letter and pinstripe a truck and not the sticking vinyl on a truck lettering kind -actual sign painting ! hand lettering baby!! I forgot how much I love and enjoy hand lettering a vehicle. It’s why I got into the sign business to begin with. 

Most days I’m an average business person, a designer, a vinyl sticker, bookkeeper etc  but today I’m a sign painter- again!! Ahhh There’s something about  it that makes it so much more special than vinyl. It’s not as perfect,  it never will be. A hand painted letter has personality! It’s the difference between having a dress or suit made just for you or buying one that anyone and everyone has off the rack.  Hand lettering has got flair! It’s well …hand done. 

I didn’t even design this logo or truck. I got this job because I’m one of the last dinosaurs in the area who can hand letter. ( and I’m not even THAT old) the final van of the fleet needed to match what the previous retired sign guy had done. 

It doesn’t matter -I’m all over it! It reminded me that what I spent years learning and practicing is still a kick ass trade and makes me feel warm and fuzzy! Maybe it’s because I could pick it right back up like riding a bike or maybe it’s because I when i was learning to sign paint in my late teens I got kicked hard by some of life’s toughest lessons, yet I still stuck with it. I was determined to learn to letter and I never gave up. It wasn’t easy it took years to hand draw and paint letters decently. Some days it was the only thing that got me out of bed. Sign painting may have actually saved my life and sanity. 

Turning on the tunes today  and swinging the brush brings it all back. The smell of one shot , the thinner, the instant gratification, the  absolute tranquility of painting in the midst of my hectic day. The feeling of accomplishment. Going into the painting zone, It’s  like my meditation! Therapy! I can’t really explain except that all feels better in the world while creating a finished letter with a brush. Sounds a little sappy and and nostalgic I know..

I wish more people wanted signs or vehicles for their business done by hand the old fashioned way. Maybe painted lettering and pinstriping will make a come back or people will see the love and dedication that goes into it for them.  I still love the sign business but I would love it even more if I could paint more often! Its so much more personal than vinyl.

My mom was an artist , she had such passion for painting pictures. She used to tell people “my daughter is an artist too” I always corrected her and said “no no – I’m not an artist, I’m a sign painter” now I know why she said it and what she meant. 

It’s like any artist , With every brush stroke, a sign painter leaves a small piece of their soul. 

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